About Scioto Township & Our Heritage

Location of Scioto Township in Pickaway County Coordinates: 39°45′59″N 83°4′8″WScioto Township, established in 1810, is a political body that operates under the powers specifically delegated to us by the Ohio General Assembly. The Ohio Revised Code (ORC 503.01) grants specific kinds of authority to the 1,300+ townships in Ohio. There are responsibilities that are required for townships to perform, while others are permitted or prohibited. Scioto Township is governed by three elected Trustees each serving four year terms. A fourth elected official, the Fiscal Officer, also serves a four year term and is independent of the Trustees, but is required by law to work closely with the Trustees.

History and Name

Established on March 1, 1810, Scioto Township became part of Pickaway County, transitioning from Franklin County with the creation of the new county. Bordered by the Scioto River to the east and Darby Creek to the west and south, the township contributed land to Jackson Township in 1830 and Muhlenberg Township upon its formation.

Pioneering settlers, mainly from Pennsylvania and Virginia, arrived around 1800, including Revolutionary War soldiers Thomas and John Thompson. Robtown, founded by Michael and Isaac Robison in 1822, marked the beginning of towns like Genoa in 1841 by Wiley H. Beckett and Rome in 1843 by James H. Burnley. The towns united in 1851, incorporating as Commercial Point in 1872, a name suggested by Eli Harsh.

Named after the Scioto River, Scioto Township is one of five such townships statewide.


Governed by a three-member board of trustees, elected in odd-numbered years, and a township fiscal officer, elected in November before the presidential election, Scioto Township's leadership ensures effective governance. Trustee elections follow a schedule, with two elected after the presidential election year and one before. Vacancies in these roles are filled by the remaining trustees.