Beckett Cemetery, located at 74 Borror Rd, Orient, Ohio, spans approximately 8 acres and remains the exclusive site for interments managed by the Scioto Township Trustees. Maintained meticulously by the township, it offers plots accessible to both residents and non-residents alike.

To obtain information about plot purchases and other cemetery-related inquiries, please contact Trustee Ralph Wolfe, who oversees these matters. You can reach him at 614-218-4900 or via email at rwolfe@sciototownship.com.

Cemetery Fees (Effective 1/05/2023)

Note: (Amended 1/2/13: Fee (burial or foundation pour) must be paid for before service is provided)

Opening and Closing of Grave:

  • Scioto Township Resident: $350.00
  • Non-Resident: $700.00
  • Additional Fee for designated days and late services: $300.00
    • This includes holidays, Saturdays, or Sundays.
    • Please note: Arriving at the cemetery after 2:00 P.M. on any day incurs the additional fee.
    • Reference Res. #22-050: $300.00 (Effective from 5/5/2022)
  • Opening and closing for caskets 36 inches or smaller: Half of the standard charge

Special Considerations:

Resident of Scioto Twp. - firefighter, active military, law enforcement: Grave plot and opening-closing fees are waived if killed while in line of duty. (Expanded 1/2011 to include non-township resident Scioto Township Fire Department employee, if killed in line of duty while working for Scioto Township)

Other Services:

  • Burial of cremated remains: $150.00
  • Disinterment: $2,500.00 per grave

Cemetery Lots:

  • Scioto Twp. resident, each grave: $500.00 (Increase effective 1/3/2019)
  • Non-resident, each grave: $1500.00 (Increase effective 1/4/2024 Res # 24-022)

Marker and Foundation Fees:

  • Foundation for markers: $0.50 per sq. inch
  • Corner stones, per stone: $10.00
  • Minimum charge for foundation: $50.00
  • Veteran stone foundation: Fee waived

Cemetery Rules

General Rules:

  • Opens at dawn, closes at dusk.
  • Cemetery vaults must be made of concrete or steel.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No alcohol permitted.
  • Not responsible for theft.

All Interments:

  • All interments (full burials and cremations) shall be paid in full by the funeral director prior to burial.

Cemetery Upkeep:

  • All mowing and trimming will be done by township personnel only.
  • All graves will be seeded over by the township.

Planting Regulations:

  • Planting of flowers will be limited to 12 inches from the foot of the monument, not to exceed the width of the monument.
  • Planting behind or to the side of the headstone is not permitted.
  • Where no monument exists, planting shall be limited to 12 inches at the head of the grave, not to exceed the width of one grave.
  • No bushes, rose bushes, trees, spikes, glass, fence, stuffed animals, cement, ceramic, or glass angels or figurines, etc., will be allowed at any time.
  • All artificial decorations must be securely fastened to the ground. No shepherd hooks.
  • Candles and lamps must be within 6 inches of the headstone.
  • All graves will be completely cleaned of all flowers, decorations, etc., on March 1st and November 1st annually (or the Monday following if the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday).
  • Any item found not to be in compliance will be removed and subject to disposal.


  • Footers for monuments will be poured only twice annually: once in the Spring and once in the Fall (for Spring, order by April 1; for Fall, order by September 1).
  • Ground must settle at least 6 months from burial to be able to pour monument footer.
  • Footers for veterans' markers will not be poured until one full year has passed to allow for settling of the grave.
  • The Township must be notified when the veteran's marker is received if it will be used as a headstone.
  • Cement depth must be 34". There must be a 2" apron around the stone.
  • Concrete must cure at least 48 hours before setting the stone.

By order of the Scioto Township Trustees.