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Scioto Township Zoning

Our Township Zoning Official, Commission, and Appeals Board, appointed by our trustees, plays a vital role in guiding our community's development. Dedicated to preserving our heritage while fostering responsible growth, they ensure adherence to zoning regulations, maintaining the integrity of Scioto Township's neighborhoods. Members of the board are chosen for their commitment to our community's well-being. Selected with a focus on passion and stewardship, they oversee zoning decisions with thoughtful consideration for our past and future.

  • Travis Schulz, Scioto Township Zoning Official

    As the Zoning Inspector for Scioto Township, Travis Schulz plays a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with zoning regulations and codes. Travis oversees and enforces zoning ordinances, conducts inspections to verify land use regulations compliance, reviews permit applications, and provides guidance to residents, developers, and businesses regarding zoning matters. Additionally, he collaborates closely with township officials, attends zoning meetings, and serves as a point of contact for zoning-related inquiries. With his expertise and dedication, Travis contributes significantly to maintaining the integrity and orderly development of Scioto Township.

    Travis brings over 30 years of public service experience to his role as Scioto Township's Zoning Inspector, having been hired in December 2023. A lifelong resident of Scioto Township and a graduate of Teays Valley High School, Travis has deep roots in the community. His public service career began in 1992 in Scioto Township and included roles as a fire lieutenant and paramedic before retiring from Norwich Township. Travis has three adult sons and now resides in Scioto Township with his fiancée, Brandy. His extensive experience and unwavering commitment to public service make him an invaluable asset to the township's zoning enforcement efforts.

  • Cory Wasmus, Scioto Township Zoning Commissioner

    Appointed in 2024, Cory Wasmus brings a wealth of experience to his role as a Scioto Township Zoning Commissioner. With a 20-year career in the private sector specializing in residential construction, land development, and county and city-level planning, Cory is well-versed in land use and development practices. Currently, he operates a small family-owned woodworking business alongside his wife, Amanda, and their
    two sons.

    A native of Scioto Township, Cory's roots run deep in the community. After spending time working in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cory moved his family back home, returning to the Township in 2019 with a strong commitment to community involvement. He is passionate about preserving the township's heritage while actively working towards a better future for the next generation. Cory's dedication to community engagement and his extensive background make him a valuable asset to the Scioto Township Zoning Commission.

  • Trevor Younkin, Scioto Township Zoning Commissioner

  • Mitch Scott, Scioto Township Zoning Commissioner

  • Tom Weatherhead, Scioto Township Zoning Commissioner

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